Guest Post: Gordon Hooper’s blog

Recently I posted a guest post by Gordon Hooper, author of Alex and Katija.  Well, Gordon has returned the favor and asked me to write something for his page as well.  So I did a little reflection on how important a great writers group is, no matter what your goals or level of expertise.  Check the link to read the whole article, but here’s a little excerpt.

The purpose of a writer’s group should match your needs. If you are tentative about whether you can write well or not and shy about what people might think of your words, you won’t want a group that is trying to help you make the work publishable by offering blunt, honest criticism. Yet there is nothing more frustrating than hearing “I love it, keep going, you’re a great writer” when you know there is something not working in what you’ve just presented but no one to help you figure out exactly what.

via Gordon Hooper — WORDS OF WISDOM.