August Owes February

As I mentioned in my post of February 1, February got shorted one day so that August (aka Roman Emperor Augustus) could rival July’s glory (aka Julius Caesar).  Overall, though, the changes Augustus made for the sake of vanity are probably a good thing.  Think of how many juvenile jokes we avoid by not having the month named “Sextilis.”


Flashback Friday: Fabulous new inventions from 1937

Everyone else seems to hop on the Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday bandwagons, so here’s my version, from the 1937 Compton’s Picture Encyclopedia, the very latest in technology for you.

wpid-cam00442.jpg wpid-cam00441.jpg wpid-cam00440.jpg wpid-cam00439.jpg wpid-cam00438.jpg wpid-cam00437.jpg wpid-cam00436.jpg wpid-cam00435.jpg