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Me-300w72pxAfter spending my whole life in small town Illinois, I moved to big, gritty Chicago.  From country roads to “L” trestles, from swallow’s nests and corn fields to pigeon shit and stinking alleys.  Something drew me there and kept me there for four years–a need to look the not so pretty in the face and say screw you.  Maybe that’s why I developed such an appreciation for those who live there, especially the people of the streets.  They’ve been kicked in the face, cursed and, worst of all, ignored and yet they continue to say screw you.  They fight to survive, to thrive.

I spent twice a week volunteering with Chicago’s homeless, youth in particular, and got to know a few on a personal level that made me want to become a voice for them. I still volunteer and am channeling the lessons I learned on the streets of Chicago.  Seattle is surrounded by mountains and ocean and emerald green trees.  Solitude and peace can be found a short drive from home.  But until the human element can find a way to treat themselves and each other with respect and understanding, there is darkness out there as well.  And it’s how you deal with the darkness that counts.

My STREET STORIES series reflects the reality of throw away youth striving to survive. My publication credits include short fiction in Red Herring Mystery Magazine, Downstate Story and City Slab.

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Guided Spontaneity

My dog Sophie and I really enjoy our morning walks. If it was up to her and I let her do what she wanted she would walk all over the neighborhood for who knows how long and enjoy every single minute of it. With no thought to the fact that she might get lost, or get too tired and thirsty to get home in time to satisfy those needs.

When the weather is bad or I’m not feeling good or I don’t have a lot of time I make sure we get back in plenty of time by deciding which route we take, how many blocks we go around, and how quickly we walk. This is not as pleasant for Sophie or for me but it still gives her a walk while also giving me the time I need to do things.

The best walks, though, are days when we have the time and the weather is gorgeous and we can split the difference between the other two types of walks. Sophie has loads of choice as to which side of the street she walks on, how fast she wants to walk, what direction she wants to take. I even occasionally let her lay in one of her favorite yards for several minutes as she looks around and observes everything in the surroundings.

I use gentle guidance commands and leash tugs to keep the walk from being too long or dangerous, but I mostly let her choose when to go, where to go, and how long to contemplate the universe from a fresh patch of green grass.

I think that’s the way I want to approach my life. Free will to make my choices and choose my path but I am in favor of having a little gentle guidance along the way keep me from going too far astray.

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