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Fiction Samples:  The Year of the Horses, Red Light, Green Light, Love Takes A Licking, Painted Black

Non-fiction Samples: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Diary of a Canoe Trip, Decluttering Your Desktop, The Master’s Degree Grows Up


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TMI? Or Just Enough?

Sharing excerpts of Cry Baby Cry is gratifying to me for two reasons. One, it is exciting to share what I’ve written which motivates me to continue writing, but also because I am hoping people who read these bits and pieces will feel as excited for the release of the book as I am.

As writing continues, however, it’s getting harder and harder to find things to share without spoiling the plot for those eager to read the whole thing. I have to constantly ask, am I releasing Too Much Information, or dropping just enough bread crumbs to lead you on without spoiling the story?

I hope today’s entry on Birthing the Next Book provides just enough info without going overboard into TMI. Click the quote below to read the new teaser.

Then suddenly his arms were around her and she was pulled close to his chest. She stiffened at first, but he felt so good, he smelled so good—all man and dried sweat and some remnant of aftershave.

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