Kathryn’s Inbox: Writers on Wednesday: Debra Borys

KathrynsInboxKathryn White posted an interview of me last month on her blog Kathryn’s Inbox that I’d like to share even though I missed it earlier. Some of the information may be be bits you already know about me, but every interviewer always seems to have a unique slant to their questions.

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Q: Indie Publishing, or Traditional Publishing?

A: I lean toward traditional publishing as a writer because I do believe that publishing houses serve as a filter, a first reader if you will, which means readers can have more confidence that my books are entertaining, well written, and with limited errors. Of course, I’m considering small presses part of the traditional publishing model–maybe that’s not what you mean? Small presses are, I think a better market for an author than the big houses, simply because there are more of them, and they seem to care more about their catalogue and their authors.

Things are changing, however, as self-published authors learn the importance of having their work edited by a professional editor and putting out quality work rather than focusing on quantity. But for right now it’s a bit of a slush pile out there still, and the odds of downloading something that’s not up to your standards are higher than I like.

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Interview by Mathis Interiors Radio

I posted a link to this podcast interview over at the Bend Me, Shape Me site, but forgot to link to it here in case any of my readers don’t follow both blogs.

Joanne Mathis was one of the first people to interview me when Painted Black was released and I was grateful for a chance to chat with her again.  I hope you enjoy.

Debra R Borys/ Bend Me Shape Me 08/12 by Mathis Interiors Radio | Books Podcasts.