Idle hands are the devil’s playthings

IWeeping-Kindle‘ve been procrastinating.  Bad news for me, but maybe good for you.  I’ve just set up a giveaway contest on for three lucky people to win hard copies of my short story collection, Weeping Widows.  Click the book cover to the right or the link below if you want a chance to win.

Here’s a bit about what you’ll get f you win:

A collection of short stories about scumbags who lie, cheat, abuse, and sometimes even murder their significant others.
Evelyn A. Archer named her detective agency “Undercover Operations” because catching lovers between the sheets with someone they’re not committed to is her specialty. Two long years of marriage had taught her where her talents lie. Once her 8 x 10 glossies hit the divorce negotiation table, her client is guaranteed a pricey settlement.

It’s enough to make even an optimist see the glass as half empty.

  • Paperback: 28 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 27, 2013)
  • Language: English

Table of Contents


We are live, people! Box of Rain pre-orderable on Amazon

wpid-boxofraincover.pngIf you can’t wait to order a copy of the third Street Stories novel, Box of Rain, you don’t have to.  The link is live at where you can get your name in to receive your mobi file on December 15.

I’m so excited that I decided to offer a contest.  For the first 5 people to pre-order, I will send a FREE print copy when it is released in Spring of 2015.  Just place your pre-order, then email me your Amazon proof of pre-order to I will email back to let you know if you are one of the lucky first five and get your mailing address to send you your prize.