4-star Review @ Long & Short Reviews

“Mystery lovers are certain to find Box of Rain to be a gripping story, not only filled with excitement, but one which deals with some very real current issues.”

via Cyclamen at Long & Short Reviews.

BOX OF RAIN: another STREET STORIES suspense novel

LongandShortLong & Short reviews is a prolific review site with multiple reviewers with a host of styles and tastes. Luckily, Box of Rain fits into the category of 4-star approval! Here’s a bit of what they had to say–click through the read the whole article and see whatother books they recommend.

Download the e-book today! Download the e-book today!

The characters in this novel are incredibly real. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation such as Shorty’s and Booker’s, but I felt as if I were an integral part of it. Jo Sullivan, a reporter, is the third main character, and certainly her personal life is not much easier psychologically than the boys’. She may not be living on the street, but the drama in her family life is more than sufficient to cause her to take up Booker’s cause not only as a distraction from her own problems but also as a way…

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