The First Review is In

Download the e-book today!“A fast paced murder mystery. I loved the setting in Chicago, the descriptive details are very accurate. I liked Booker, he was a determined young man, determined to make something good out of his life, despite his horrible upbringing. The plot was very good and original, I like that in a book. Overall I feel that those who love murder/mystery will enjoy Box of Rain.”

-Sheri Wilkinson for Juniper Grove 4-stars

BOX OF RAIN: another STREET STORIES suspense novel

And it’s a good one.  4 stars from Sheri A. Wilkinson for Jaidis Shaw’s blog site Juniper Grove.  Sheri is actually a local reviewer, from Princeton, and posted her review on both and Goodreads.  Jaidis will be posting it to her website on January 21.

Thanks to both Sheri and Jaidis.  Here’s the review:

Download the e-book today! Download the e-book today!

Booker T brooks and his cousin Shorty Davis grew up in the ghettos of Chicago. They lived in a foster home with a kind and caring woman, Mrs. C. When one of the boys discovers a severed head in a dumpster he soon becomes the number one suspect in the murder. Report Jo Sullivan is dealing with her severely ill father who had cancer and is undergoing radical treatment. She decides to look into this case. Something doesn’t seem right to her and she is determined to find out…

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