“An experience you can see, hear, and smell”

A big thumbs up for the book and my writing, but a thumbs down for the cover again. Next time, we hire a professional cover artist–I promise.

Bend Me, Shape Me


I knew from an email Jill at IndieHeart sent me two weeks ago that this review of Bend Me, Shape Me would be a good one.  Jill has experience working with troubled teens and so her accolades are high praise indeed.  Please click through to read more, including a brief overview of the main characters that you should find interesting.

I found most of the characters in Bend Me, Shape Me to be well drawn. Alley is the perfect picture of a boy with fetal alcohol syndrome. Snow, who has been diagnosed as bipolar (like many traumatized teen girls with legitimate anger) is a strong and compelling character. You will find yourself pulling for her from the beginning.

The author also brings a high degree of craft to the elements that make the story an experience you can see, hear, and smell; she has a talent for both descriptive language…

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