“Nicely done”

While some might think 3.5 stars isn’t that good of a rating, it seems like high praise indeed from someone who admits she doesn’t really enjoy crime fiction. Thanks, Tanja!

Bend Me, Shape Me

Tanja from Bosnia didn’t think Bend Me, Shape Me‘s plot twist related to the government was necessary, but does say that it was logical and the book was nicely done.  She also prefaced her review on Jacitamati by admitting crime fiction isn’t really her preferred genre.  3.5 stars from someone who doesn’t usually enjoy suspense novels?  I’ll take it!

Being a reader makes you discover different things about yourself. For example, I’m huge fan of tv-crime shows and I watched who knows how many CSI and Criminal Minds episodes but when it comes to suspense or crime books I tend to avoid them. They simply don’t do it for me, but maybe I will discover some book that will change my mind. This one was a nice and interesting read but it didn’t bring that epiphany, nor did I expect it to. It wouldn’t be fair to set my…

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