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Bend Me, Shape Me


Night Owl Reviews is offering a contest starting today, July 16 through July 26 to win a free copy of Bend Me, Shape Me.  I believe you have to sign in to participate, but if you like reading, it’s a site you will find useful.  They review several genres–AND IT’S FREE!

Here’s a summary of how you can win.  Click here to read the complete entry rules.

Comment = 1 Entry | Tweet = 1 Extra Entry* | Like = 1 Extra Entry* | Pinterest Pin It = 1 Extra Entry*

* Mention in the comments for extra entry

Bend Me Cover -FinalIn addition, they included a guest post I wrote about following your passion.  Here’s a bit of it below.

Thanks to Night Owl for allowing me to share my passion with you. Wouldn’t life be great if all our goals were set by something we are passionate about?…

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