“Borys is quite the master”

Reviews like this one make me do the Snoopy dance.

Bend Me, Shape Me


4star reviewDarian Wilk continues to love my Street Stories suspense series.  Here’s her review of Bend Me, Shape Me.  She is also offering a contest to give away a print and e-copy of the book.  Follow the link to enter.

This is the second book in the Street Stories series by Debra Borys, the first, Painted Black, I also had the privilege of reviewing.

The focus again is on the lives of young homeless kids living on the streets. Kids, especially those trapped in this type of life, should be able to trust those in positions to help them – like psychiatrists. But something feels all too wrong. Snow’s roommate commits suicide. Again Jo Sullivan is the one who steps up to help those without a voice. True to Borys style you get a very surreal feeling of what life on the streets is really like. It’s…

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