Postcards from the Streets

Bend Me, Shape Me

Somehow in the flurry of moving, I missed the fact that Judith Kirscht posted my guest post over at her blog about some of the real life street stories I experienced which inspired my suspense series.

Words paint pictures, evoke memories and move hearts.

It was late at night and summer when I used to walk the streets of Chicago near LaSalle and Hubbard. I was volunteering once a week with Emmaus Ministries then and accompanied by a staff person. Armed with business cards, we would make sure people without homes knew where they could go for a home cooked meal, clean clothes and conversation.

These are examples of the many reasons I chose to write about street people in my STREET STORIES suspense novels. Not to exploit them, or sensationalize homelessness, or advocate social change, but just to engender awareness. If we open our eyes and our ears…

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