At the End of the Road: Home

It’s ironic that I’ve had internet access every night on the road, but not that I’ve reached my new home, I have to use my phone to write a WordPress update. My apologies if this doesn’t look right. I’ll try to clean it up tomorrow when I can get to Mom’s computer. [Edited to add pictures]


Sophie gives Iowa a thumbs up. Or tail up. Me too.


Now Iowa knows how to create pet areas at rest stops. Paths for the people and tall grass for the dogs.


Sophie is so happy with the cool green grass and winds and sun that I feel mean making her get back in the car.


5:23 pm CST….Our new home and the next stage of my life. Can’t wait to see where I go from here.


Look, I found Liberace alive and transgender in my mom’s living room. Oh wait, I guess Mom just got home early from the casino. At least I know I’m not hallucinating from heat and exhaustion.

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