Road Trip Chronicles: Almost Home

I met myself coming and going today.  Literally.  Well, symbolically literally anyway.  At the Lincoln Nebraska Pioneer Nature Preserve, I met a couple who were also looking at the elk in the fenced in area,  The husband was from Seattle, just like I was until Monday.  The woman was from Peoria, Illinois, about 45 minutes away from where I am going.  Now they both live in Lincoln.  Hmm, maybe it’s a sign I should stay here?

Here are the Facebook status updates for today, my second to last night on the road.


Halfway through Nebraska I can finally check Facebook. But I can’t go swimming. Darn. Gas is a bitch here. Just paid 4.25/gal. Good thing I only needed a half tank, but I didn’t want to wait just in case it was worse later or I start running too low.

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We are at the Prairie Park nature preserve in Lincoln and I want to go find an air conditioned motel room for the night, but Sophie is ignoring me. She thinks we should pitch a tent here, but they don’t allow camping and there are ticks. Eww!

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Oops, I had the name of the park wrong before. It is called Pioneers Park. Sophie and I want back after we checked into a motel to eat supper. It was still too hot and we didn’t stay long, but I did take a couple more pics.

via Debra Borys.

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