Preview Weeping Widows

Amazon just enabled previewing for Kindle books so you can check out the first pages to see if you like it well enough to buy.  That was one thing Smashwords offers that Amazon didn’t, so I’m glad they finally changed that.  Click on the link below and then click on the book cover when you get to to get a glimpse of the first story in my collection.

A collection of Cynical Bitch mini-mysteries by Evelyn A. Archer, P.I.

Evelyn A. Archer named her detective agency “Undercover Operations” because catching spouses between the sheets with someone they’re not wedded to is her specialty. Two long years of marriage had taught her where her talents lie.

Every time she uncovers proof a client’s spouse, fiancé, or “significant other” is one evolutionary step below homo erectus, it feels like she’s really reaming her own sleazy ex-husband. Once her 8 x 10 glossies hit the divorce negotiation table, her client is guaranteed a pricey settlement.

No wonder she loves her job.

via Weeping Widows eBook: Debra Borys: Kindle Store.

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