Refreshing. A Perfect Read

Starza Thompson from Windy City Reviews gave Cry Baby Cry a mixed review, suggesting I give the characters more depth. I appreciate her insight, though, especially since she had so many other great things to say about it, like:

“Her ability to create characters that are LGBT without having that be their only characteristic is refreshing.”


“If you’re looking for a suspenseful thriller that will keep you entertained, Cry Baby Cry is the perfect read.”

From Windy City Reviews, August 2018

Please click through to read the full review on the Windy City Reviews website. I would love to hear whether you agree or disagree with the many points Starza makes.


The Rating Race Begins

It’s almost 1:00 in the afternoon already and I swear I only intended to spend a half hour updating by Cry Baby Cry website. The thing, is, though, that in the process of doing that, I discovered the book had received its first 5-star rating on Goodreads, which resulted in a whole flurry of postings and updates on all my websites and social media venues.

Then, just as I thought I could go throw a load of clothes in the washer, a five star review on Amazon popped up and ZOOM, there I am, off again. I promise, though that this will be my last update of the day (unless I discover more reviews and ratings later on!).

The first 5-stars came from  Sheri Wilkerson on Goodreads:

The second one was posed on Amazon by Marydale S. and comes with some wonderful accolades.

This is a page-turner by a seasoned author. I especially like the fact that this author not only writes from experience (she has been a volunteer worker among homeless youth) but also from and with compassion. Her books are more than entertainment; they teach us tolerance and awareness of lives that aren’t conventional, easy, or “socially acceptable.” A worthwhile read!

Thanks to Sheri and Marydale. And I look forward to hearing what YOU think of it, too. Let me know.