The More Things Change

If you are a writer, you know that sometimes the original concept of a story–the original draft even–may often vary considerably from the final product. We may have to leave behind words we spent hours crafting, or ideas that we loved that no longer fit the plot of the story.

It’s hard to let go of some of those gems, which is why I posted a scene from The Wizard Within that will never appear in the final book, and, in fact, has information in it that is no longer applicable to the story.

I still hope it’s as fun to read as it was to write. Click through to read the rest.

The sight of his father waiting in the hallway stopped Eric like one of Thorne’s invisible barriers. Except this roadblock he didn’t want to penetrate, to step through.

Spoilers. Not Spoilers

The Magic Within

I’ve decided I’m far enough along in my latest manuscript that I’m going to start posting excerpts from it on my Birthing the Next Book blog. I’m really excited about this new project and enjoy writing it more than I have anything else in a long while.

While it’s not exactly a part of the Street Stories Suspense novel series, it is inspired by those books. I have simply added a bit of magic. A quote I have posted on the site I’ve created for the new book, The Magic Within, adequately voices what I feel in my heart is true in real life. This new book is my attempt to express that belief.

The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow stronger

Eden Phillpotts: “A Shadow Passes” 1919