Love Me, Love Me Not? Then Pimp My Book

I risk ostracism by my friends and family and tell all in a hopefully humorous guest post today on  I’m not sure if my intent was to guilt people into buying my book or to sabotage my chances of ever becoming a successful writer so that I have an excuse to not finish the book I’m working on.640px-PIMP_MY_SWAGG

Click through the read the whole post and tell me if you know the answer. Thank you, P.J. Nunn for the opportunity.

The thing about friends and family and spouses is that both you and they have a handicap called Unconditional Love. Normally a virtue, UL has a dark side. The people who best love me are so assured of my success it never occurs to them I might need their help to achieve it. I am so confident they support me I expect them to know my expectations and hopes without my saying a word.

via I Would Like to Thank the Academy… by Debra Borys | bookbrowsing.

An Author Spotlight

Me-smilingM.J. Joachim, who did a thoughtful review of Bend Me, Shape Me recently, invited me to do a guest post about who I am, a theme you may have seen a few times here in this blog.

I wouldn’t be the woman who can now look at the darkness and deal with it if I hadn’t first been the woman who believed there is love and laughter and grace in the world.

I feel blessed to have “double vision” like this. While I still don’t see the whole elephant, knowing that there is more to life than just the trunk I am blindly clinging to has made me a more curious, more accepting person than I feel I would be otherwise. At least I know the truth of how we all see “but a poor reflection as in a mirror” and I fully look forward to seeing “face to face.” “Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

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