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Starza Thompson had lots of good things to say about Box of Rain at Windy City Reviews: “Box of Rain is a chilling murder mystery filled with exciting twists that make the reader question every character, while opening the readers’ eyes to the plight of homelessness in Chicago.”

Windy City Reviews is an online publication put together by the Chicago Writer’s Association.  One of their reviewers, Starza Thompson, agreed to give Box of Rain a read and gave it a glowing reivew.  Some highlights from her post are below, but I hope you will click through to read the whole thing.

Download the e-book today!
Download the e-book today!

Box of Rain by Debra Borys captures the fundamentals of a good murder mystery, all while weaving information about Chicago’s troubled youth into the story. This novel is a thrilling page-turner that delves into issues about family, gangs, homelessness, and trust.

When an author is trying to shed light on an issue, a cause, or a problem in society, they can sometimes be a bit heavy-handed in delivering the message, often losing the literary part of the novel in the process. This is not the case with Box of Rain.

The issue of homelessness is expertly woven throughout the book, causing the reader to think about homelessness without it being the primary purpose of the story.

The murder mystery comes first, taking the reader on an exciting journey, all while highlighting the hardships that many Chicago youth face. Box of Rain is an excellent gateway for readers who normally wouldn’t read a story about social issues to learn about homelessness without realizing it.


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