Box of Rain Showcase, Part 2

DaynesiteI  almost forgot to post a link to part two of the Showcase of Box of Rain, which is an interview of me by Author Dayna Leigh Cheser.  Here’s one question you might not have heard before, but click through to read the rest and see what new information you might find. Part one, which includes a 5-star review, can be found HERE.

How do you choose names for your characters?

Main character names are just a matter of brainstorming until I find something that feels right. The one exception to that is Christopher Robert Young, from ‘Painted Black’. I actually decided on the name before I knew my character very well. I’d met a young artist with name at a folk music concert once and since I was toying with the idea of having my main street kid be a graffiti artist, I thought it was perfect that the young man’s initials are CRY. So that is Chris’s street name, also the tag he uses in his art which is not only his initials but also reflects how he sees the state of the world as something to mourn over.

via RBD: Box of Rain, Part 2 | Author Dayna Leigh Cheser.

Dayna also emailed me today with the news that both part one and part two of her showcase got re-posted by two separate internet newspapers on writing.  She says her website got over 10,000 hits when this happened, and while that doesn’t mean they all plan to buy my book, it’s probably the best exposure any of my books have ever received.  So, thanks again, Dayna.  You’re the best.

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