Worldly Possessions or Hoarding?

Shopping cartLetting go is hard. I wrote a guest post at Digital World Today a few months ago that went live today.  I hope you will click through to read the whole thing, but here is a small bit you can perhaps relate to.

If you’ve ever watched the show Hoarders, you probably sat there wondering how anyone could have their head so screwed up that they would find it distressing when asked to throw away things that most people could recognize as unhealthy trash. Yet when my Mom and I spent a few days trying to clean out her basement, I saw a similar uneasiness at work in her mind.

The longer we worked, the more difficult it became to make a decision about each object. Which bin to put the thing in, trash it, donate it, or keep it? I could see the angst and confusion as she weighed the matter like it was something vastly important, like there would be a grade given at the end of the test and dire consequences for not passing with flying colors

via Worldly Possessions or Hoarding? – Digital Book Today .

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