Revealing the Past

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I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but I loving looking through old photos and newspaper articles that give me a feel for what life was like “back when.”  Even if the photos are of complete strangers, I look into the eyes staring at the camera, often without a smile, and wonder, Who were you, What was your life like, What became of you, and Does anyone remember that you ever lived?

Most people have their idea of what an afterlife might look like.  In my ideal version, there is not only a database of answers to every question I could possibly think of asking, but also a time machine so I can be a fly on the wall anywhere I want at any time.

Dubbed the ‘Century Chest‘, the project was created in 1913 by Virginia Sohlberg of the Ladies Aid Society as a fundraiser to help the church purchase a new pipe organ which is still in use today! Space inside the chest was auctioned off to the public to raise money.

The Century Chest’s artifacts were impeccably preserved in airtight, waterproof containers. The chest itself was buried under a 12-inch (30.5 cm) slab of concrete. Removing the chest took over 11 hours and involved removing two 600-pound chunks of concrete and using an engine hoist to get the chest out of its ‘tomb’.

via Revealing the Contents of a 100-year-old Time Capsule «TwistedSifter.


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  1. The older I get the more I am interested in the past. I sometimes get frustrated when something catches my interest from the past and information is so hard to come by. People don’t often think that what they have, or what they know would be interesting to others. To that I say, “Document, Document, Document.”

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