Road Trip Chronicles: Friday May 17

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Look ma, trees. You were right, Anita Kendall. The closer we got to Salt Lake City, the prettier it looked. Even Sophie was excited, running from one window to the other in the back seat. Even though we’d only been on the road a half hour, I had to stop at the first rest area so we could both enjoy it a bit before moving on.

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I tried looking for scenic attractions along the road to break up the trip a bit. These are pictures taken at the historic site of Fort Steele in Wyoming. Not a whole lot to look at except a couple of chimneys. The house is not from the Fort days, of course, but was used as a bridge house for the railroad bridge.

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Here are some more pictures from that same area as the panorama shot I uploaded earlier. I am really happy with the camera on my phone. Some of these drive-by shots were taken without really even focusing or looking too carefully since I didn’t want to get in an accident. It’s amazing to me that most of them are coming out so clear.

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I did make it to Cheyenne, by the way. Past it , in fact. Am spending the night 20 miles into Nebraska near a small town called Kimball. Sophie got to walk in the nice park they have there. The tow is so small I saw kids walking and riding bikes down the middle of the road. Reminded me of my childhood in Dalzell.

via Debra Borys.

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    • I love these new smart phones. They can do everything. I even have an app that can read and write Word and Excel files, though I wouldn’t want to write a while novel with it.

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