Road Trip Chronicles – The Start

I’ve been chronicalling my trip from Seattle to Illinois by posting pics and comments on Facebook to let peopkle know how much fun I’m having.  For those of you who aren’t my friends on Facebook, first off, why aren’t you, huh? I actually do every once in a while post something halfway interesting.  Send me a friend invite if you like.

If you’re not on Facebook, though, you can still follow my updates on this blog.  I plan to cut and paste my status updates here, complete with pics so all my friends can be in on the fun.

Here’s what happened yesterday and today, Tuesday, May 14.


Driving through Tacoma at rush hour, in the rain, was actually very relaxing after four days of working my butt off getting ready to move. Here there was no need to hurry.

Driving through Tacoma at rush hour, in the rain, was actually very relaxing after four days of working my butt off getting ready to move. Here there was no need to hurry.


Sophie does not seem happy with her new neckerchief. Plus Sizzle Pie pizza for slice of the Lower East Burnside (broccoli, onions, olives) …one slice Ace of Spades (pepperoni). Got to get my veggies and my protein. – at the Jupiter Hotel, Portland OR


Instead of a Gideon’s we have Don Miguel Ruiz’s Practical Guide To Personal Freedom; instead of the traditional booklet of ads for local food and fun we have a hard bound book of Green Escapes; we have ear plugs to keep out the beat of the music from across the driveway; and, best of all we have…yes, you see that correctly, check out the close-up if you don’t believe me…we have a ruby red lubricated condom imprinted with the hotel name and pointed out with a very blatant and encouraging YES!


Eating Voodoo donuts in the park near the Disabled Citizens Recreation and Senior Leisure Services right at the intersection of NEd Flanders St. (The d doesn’t show up very well, because just scribbled it in, but I thought the additional letter was a nice touch. Also, there must be a bakery nearby because I smell fresh bread baking. Goodbye, Portland, heading east now. – in Portland OR


LewisClark1Look at me. I’m a tourist. — at Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site.


Do you think Sophie would pass for a horse? Because if so, she would be able to be off leash in this area at the rest stop just before Pendleton. Maybe I could convince them she is just a tiny pony.


Don’t poison the fishes and your garage-slash-barn would make a nifty home if you lived here. — at Stillman Park in Pendelton OR


Hey, Judith van Praag, did I find the right place? They’re playing Johnny Cashes Folsom Prison. — at Rainbow Cafe in Pendelton OR


Super8Sophie was much more relaxed today. Partly she is getting used to it, but I’ve also been spending more time just sitting in the car with her while I look up directions etc. The idea was to train her the car is a place to chill and relax, rather than a machine zipping her from point a to point b. – at the Super 8 in Pendelton

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