Guest Post on Acacia Awai’s Blog

Acacia Awai invited me to do a guest blog for her website so I did a little reflecting on what it’s like to be a bit of a split personality: City girl vs. country girl, dark urban suspense vs. light county cozies.

StreetStories-w-COVERSVisit Acaica’s beautiful site to visit everything I said.  Here’s a small bit of it.

So what happened to the country girl I used to be? She’s still there, reveling in the sun reflecting off a vast expanse of water, a crystal blue sky filled with dense, intense billows of white clouds. Her presence makes it easier for me to contemplate moving back to small town Illinois to be closer to family. City girl and country girl live in complete harmony, a split personality that has mellowed and learned to cooperate after years of comfortably accepting each other.

via Meet Debra Borys – Acacia Awai.

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