Beauty Hides in the Shipwrecks of Life

When life seems like a shipwreck, look for the beauty. It may be hard to find, it make take time to show up, but it is there. Trust me.





SS Ayrfield


In this reflective beauty by Bruce Hood, we see the shipwrecked SS Ayrfield in Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia. The photograph was taken from Wentworth point, and what I find truly remarkable are all of the trees growing on the abandoned ship! Nature always finds a way 🙂

According to

“The SS Ayrfield (originally launched as SS Corrimal) was a steel-hulled, single screw, steam collier of 1140 tonnes and 79.1m in length. It was built in the UK in 1911 and registered at Sydney in 1912. It was purchased by the Commonwealth Government and used to transport supplies to American troops stationed in the Pacific region during WWII. In 1950, it was sold to Bitumen and Oil Refineries Australia Pty Ltd and in 1951 sold to the Miller Steamship Company Ltd and renamed Ayrfield. Under…

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