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I started pinning pictures of dogs to my Pinterest board and started thinking about my wonderful Dixie and Dallas who are no longer with me.  They were such good company for me during the six months we Iived in Fairbanks, Alaska *in the middle of winter!* (What was I thinking? lol)

Here’s to remembering my hearty little Eskimos and their winter wonderland adventure.








Posted on November 24, 2009

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. This past weekend was the coldest so far up here. Negative 23 during the day on Saturday–almost couldn’t get my car started. But I did discover there is an engine warmer plug under the hood, so all I had to do was buy an extension cord and now I plug in every night and have no trouble getting going in the morning.

I did a little shopping this weekend, and went to see a movie on Sunday, The Blind Side. Great movie, made me laugh and yet touched my heart. I recommend it to anyone. I usually don’t go for movies that have playing sports as one of the main plot points, but football was just a medium through which the people grew together as a family. Go see it, really.

I also bought new dog coats, because the ones I have just didn’t seem warm enough. Dixie’s is particularly adorable so I had to take pictures. Here’s a couple, there’s a couple more in the Pictures page.

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