ODS Story – The Plot

Here, finally, is the plot outline my writing workshop of homeless kids put together based on the Protagonists, Antagonists and Symbolic Characters that had previously developed.  I am so proud of the work that they did, the effort they put into it and the talent they possessed.

I truly hope they all went on to live out their own stories once they left the Open Door Shelter (ODS) run by The Night Ministry.  I would not be surprised to open up a magazine one day and find a familiar byline by one of these extraordinary young people I had the privilege of working with.

Getting Brew and Brian connected before the window of opportunity is closed.


Scene One
Dumos and Rashaman  meet and somehow the collision of these two opposite forces result in getting Brian involved with Rashaman. Rashaman takes Brian in and supports his habit and beats him.

Scene Two
At school, Brew happens to walk in on Magus making a batch of LSD which he uses for his victims. She doesn’t realize that’s what he was doing, but he now sees her as a threat.

Scene Three
Brian breaks away. Rashaman won’t give Brian heroin because Brian refuses to engage in kinky, hard core stuff. They have an argument about this.  Brian decides he’s going to go hustle on the street like he did before.

Scene four
Brew is planning on tripping with Lynn (A Catholic girl) and going to a laser show at Navy Pier. When they go to buy the LSD, Brew sees them making it and realizes what Magus was doing.

Scene five
Brian and Brew notice each other in passing and experience deja vu. Then again at the Pink Floyd light show. Brian’s trick–Magus– takes him to the laser show at Navy Pier. Magus intends have Brian help him get a victim.

Climax scene
Rashaman goes looking for Brian at the laser show. He’s been watching Brian. He goes to Navy Pier and makes a scene because he knows Brian and Brew are there together and he needs to keep them apart (mystical). The energy of having everyone there at once triggers the mystical part and Magus grabs Brew and Rashaman grabs Brian and they run in opposite directions. Jose is there selling ice cream, Dumos is selling food. The Catholic girls are there–a higher power.   It’s Magus’s birthday.

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