Write a Book With Me

Or if you don’t want to write a whole book, how about just a chapter?  In my efforts to earn money as a freelance writer, I answered an ad by chainbooks.com which was offering to pay for opening chapters for a new website idea.

The idea is simple.  A website that offers people a chance to collaboratively write novels a chapter at a time.  Once the work is completed, contributors will then have the potential to download the book and earn royalties if others buy it.

It costs nothing to contribute a chapter, and you can write chapters in as many books as you want.  Once you register, you just follow the steps as posted on their home page.

  • Pick your favorite Category
  • Pick your Writing Level (as determined in your profile).  You can always write to a “lower” writing level, but you can not write up until you are approved by submitting a request. Also, the Novelist Category requires special credentials.
  • Pick which completion level of the book you want to write.
  • When you hit “Write in a Book”, we will search your criteria request and give you possible options for you to read so you can determine if you would like to write in that particular book. If not you will have the option to change your criteria, have us find the closest book to your criteria or receive an email alert when a book becomes available.
  • OR… you can visit our Practice Page where you can upload some of your test writings, email a link to your friends and wait for their critiques.

If this sounds like fun to you, sign up at http://www.chainnbooks.com and get started.  If you want to contribute to the book I started, go to their Authors page and scroll down to my name.  The title of my  novel is In Search of a Nightmare and this is the plot synopsis.

Disturbed by a nightmare in which Lee tries to commit suicide, Anne flies to Denver to renew their acquaintance. When she finds Lee in a deep depression, she allows Charles to believe she is the daughter of an old friend in order to stay in his home. Charles has been supplying Lee with medication to relieve his unexplainable headaches. When Lee begins to abuse the drugs, Charles does not try to stop him. He despises Lee, partly because of his resemblance to Harlan, who was Lee’s father and Charles’ childhood rival. Beginning to enjoy the power he can exert over a drug dependent Lee, he administers or withholds the drug at his whim. Anne’s efforts to bolster Lee’s continually degrading self esteem begin to reveal that Charles is responsible. But before she can expose him, Charles finds out her real identity and her nyctophobia and tries to exert power over her as well. Despite his efforts, she overcomes her fears and helps Lee battle his addiction and they try to escape. Charles, whose hatred of Lee has now completely meshed with his messed up childhood and hatred of Harlan, tries to stop them, aided by Hector.

via chainbooks….finish what others have started, literally….

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