Help! Looking for Beta Readers

Help! Having finally finished the first draft of Cry Baby Cry, I am now in the process of editing in preparation for a July 1 book launch event. The problem? I’ve been working on this book so long–one year–that I either hate everything I read or love it too much. I need beta readers, people willing to read the manuscript with a critical eye, not looking for typos and grammar mistakes, but whether or not the story makes sense. I’m particularly interested in getting feedback from anyone who is familiar with or sensitive to LGBTQ issues. I want to convey the subject appropriately and need an educated eye to see if I’ve done that.

If you are interested in would like to receive either an ebook or pdf copy of Cry Baby Cry, please email me at

Here’s a summary of the story:

Even if gender identity was a choice, no one has a right to force you to choose. Lily’s father needs to learn that lesson. Now, if only Jo can teach it to him before anyone dies.

Lily May Beckett tried to be a good girl and change her ways, but when the path to forgiveness leads to hell on earth, sin feels like the only option. Haunted by the memory of her failure to save a murdered girl, Jo Sullivan risks her life to rescue Lily from a reality that only a twisted mind could believe was part of God’s plan for humankind. 



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