What’s in a Dream? Or Can I Eat Pie and Sleep at the Same Time?

pieSometimes the smallest most insignificant dreams can make you ask some pretty big questions when you wake up in the morning. Like this one:

I’m in a kitchen and everyone else is eating lemon meringue pie, or other pies and cakes, food that they’d all gone out and bought together, without me.  I wanted some, too, but how could I ask for some when what was there was theirs, not mine? I even contemplate eating the leftovers on the saucers they put by the sink, crusts and half eaten pieces.  But then on second look, I see they aren’t pie scraps at all but watermelon rinds with all the good fruit parts already eaten.

So what kind of symbolism can I see in this small, almost boring dream? They are eating. Do I use eating as a substitute for love?  I was there and accepted by them, but not part of them.  Did I want to eat lemon meringue pie or did I want to be part of them?  Well, I think I know the answer to that. How do I get to be part of them?  What should I do or not do? Who are they anyway?

Or…the dream could simply mean that I was hungry for lemon meringue pie.

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