Looking Back

No, this isn’t a New Year’s Day look back at 2013. Everyone’s doing that. I seem to enjoy avoiding what everyone else is doing. But a recent post by TwistedSifter about pictures posted from a 1913 high school yearbook made me decide to look back at my own  1967-1970 yearbooks from LP Township High School.

Recently my friend Alda and I went through the yearbooks and a couple of class reunion newsletters to compare everyone’s 1970 ambitions to what they were actually doing with their lives 10 and 20 years later.  Nurses won the race for most likely to become what they wanted to be as seniors, with teachers being a close second.  Sadly, too many ambitions to be doctors, engineers, and even an astronaut became workers at the local steel mill or simply Housewife and Mother.

One can only hope that at least the many who just desired to “be happy and successful” achieved their goals.

Here are some blasts from my past:

And you can visit the Twisted Sifter Facebook page or their website to see the 1913 pictures.

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