“Full of suspense and intrigue”

Heather Boustead at Reflections of a BookWorm reviewed Painted Black on her blog, on Amazon and on Goodreads and gave it four stars. Here’s a bit of what she had to say. Click the link below to read her whole review and visit her website.

Thank you, Heather. And there will be more Jo Sullivan novels. Book two, working title Bend Me Shape Me, is scheduled for release in March 2013.

This is such an interesting story, though this is not for everyone, there are moments when it is crass and takes an unforgiving look at life on the streets. That being said, this is a fantastic novel full of suspense and intrigue. Each character comes to life in these pages making it almost impossible to put it down for even a moment as you wonder what is going to happen to Chris and Jo. I think the author has come across an interesting setting for an entire series of novels featuring Jo and hopefully Chris as well, at least I hope so. The only thing I must say that it does need a bit of editing other than that the author has certainly struck gold with this novel.

via Reflections of a BookWorm:

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