Painted Black

But like words, numbers can be interpreted to serve a person’s agenda.  When confronted with the news that New York families are staying in homeless shelters 30% longer than they used to, the city mayor took a rather large leap of illogic.  Living in a shelter is “much more pleasurable” these days he’s quoted as saying in the article linked below.

Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg isn’t the only powerful, rich person who is out of touch with reality when it comes to homelessness.  That misconception is shared by way too many.

Read the article below to hear more about Bloomberg’s example of politicians putting a spin on facts to further an agenda outside of reality.

“The Mayor’s assertion that homeless New Yorkers are staying in shelters longer because they are ‘much more pleasurable’ is shocking and offensive,” said Mary Brosnahan, executive director of the Coalition for the Homelessness, in an emailed…

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