Free Short Stories

If you’ve been following my blog or Facebook page for a while, you know that just before my suspense novel Painted Black was picked up by my publisher, I had been considering self-publishing it.  As an experiment in how difficult that process was, I self-published two short stories and a collection of mini-mysteries.

Since New Libri offered me a contract, I never did take the plunge with the novel, but Peeling the Onion, Red Light, Green Light, and Weeping Widows has been available ever since then as an e-book on Amazon and places like Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

I’ve now decided to give Amazon exclusive access to those stories and have removed them from all other venues.  That’s the bad news if you don’t like Amazon or have a Kindle or Kindle app.  But here’s the good news!  You can now download the stories from Amazon FOR FREE!

Here are the links if you are interested, and if you like them, maybe you will even think of buying Painted Black as well (which is available in all formats, including print).

A short story about the contrasts of light and dark in the life of young woman in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Homeless and filled with rage, Star battles to survive life on the streets and escape the past. “Ugliness lives inside of me, but I’m a good girl.  I’m always a good girl; Daddy taught me right.  My head spins, my stomach burns, but I swallow all the screams.”

via Peeling the Onion: Debra Borys: Kindle Store.

How far will a kid go to survive on the streets of Chicago? When life is a series of stops and starts, it’s easy to go too far before you know it. Chris started out like a golden apple on a tree. Will he ripen in the sunshine and reach his full potential, or will he fall and rot before someone can save him?

via Red Light,Green Light: Debra Borys: Kindle Store.

Evelyn A. Archer named her detective agency “Undercover Operations” because catching spouses between the sheets with someone they’re not wedded to is her specialty. Every time she uncovers proof a client’s spouse, fiancé, or “significant other” is one evolutionary step below homo erectus, it feels like she’s really reaming her own sleazy ex-husband. No wonder she loves her job.

via Weeping Widows: Debra Borys: Kindle Store.

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