Book of the Month Finalist

Today has been quite a day. My publisher sent me an email telling me a 5 star review of Painted Black had been posted at TBR Books. Then before I could come down from that, TBR books posted on my Facebook page that Painted Black had been selected as an entrant in their Book of the Month contest!

I’ve never been lucky, so I won’t be surprised if I don’t win, but on the other hand, this contest doesn’t depend on luck. It depends on the quality of my writing and its ability to be understood and appreciated by my readers. So maybe I do have a chance to win this thing after all.

If you’ve read Painted Black, or want to show your support, lend me some of your luck—-and votes! Cast your vote at To Be Read Pile – Home.

This is a book that is very far from my own sheltered reality and it certainly makes you think. I can´t usually take too much harsh reality when reading fiction, but this was such a well told story, that in all the misery it still focused on the positive.

via TBR Pile

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