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If you are a fan of my novel, Painted Black, or an advocate for changing the negative perspective many people have of the homeless, I encourage you to check out the book below.  It is a recounting of one person’s experiences working with Emmaus Ministries, an organization in Chicago serving those who are often considered the lowest of the low:  men who sell themselves for money.

Emmaus was the first volunteer opportunity I was a part of when I moved to Chicago and made a major impact in how I think, feel, live and write.  I hope Light in a Dark Place can give you at least a taste of that kind of life-changing experience.

When looking at these men, or anyone for that matter, it is important that we find common ground with them lest we be tempted to judge them. As our minds are filled with stereotypes and presumptions of someone that we know nothing about, it is easy to look at them with disdain. I think we do this to make things easier on ourselves. Their situations help us feel better about ourselves, perhaps even superior. Seeing their lot helps us to forget for a moment the brokenness in our own lives.

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