My Cynical Bitch mini-mysteries

I decided to self publish a collection of my Cynical Bitch mini-mysteries on Kindle and Smashwords.  Three of the stories were previously published but the rights have reverted to me, and I decided that rather than continue to find markets for the remaining completed stories, I would just compile them and see if there is any interest out there in the e-market.

There are so few writing markets out there for short mysteries that pay–at least enough to make it worth my time.  I’ve never been the kind of writer who could take a look at the market and say, “Oh, that’s the kind of book I should write since I see they’re selling now.”

My Cynical Bitch stories first came to me as something fun to do.  I enjoy Evelyn A. Archer’s voice (my protagonist and supposed author of the stories) and the Sam Spade style.  They aren’t serious mysteries–written more to make you laugh at life, though maybe sneer is a better word in some cases.

There is one more Archer short story almost done called Grave Business that I’m stuck on and so decided not to wait to finish before compiling the rest.  I also have a title–Little Dead Redhead–that I always thought would make a great short story for Evelyn, but so far nothing has come to me besides the title itself.  Who knows, maybe there will be a Cynical Bitch Mini-Mysteries Vol. 2 someday.

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