Podcast Interview at WiseBearBooks

I am always grateful when given an opportunity to publicize my novel Painted Black, especially when it includes a chance to talk about the issue of homelessness which is so integral to the book.  But Quinn Barrett at WiseBearBooks made this interview especially gratifying by saying some very complimentary things about my writing and the book.  Listen to the whole interview to hear more, but here are  a few quotes from Quinn:

“I was impressed by the quality of the storytelling and found myself immersed immediately.”

“Fiction can be a great vehicle for exposing the darker side of the human experience in ways that are both important and meaningful and I think that Painted Black fits into that category.”

Q&A With Shelagh Watkins

This opportunity happened so quickly there wasn’t time to give anyone an advance heads up.  She has a variety of interesting authors highlighted on her site so after you take a peek at what I had to say, I suggested browsing a bit to see what else she has to offer.

The original idea for the Painted Black suspense plot came from a news article I read years ago in the Chicago Tribune. It was about a new method of preservation being used by taxidermists who freeze dried people’s pets to produce lifelike replicas that would last indefinitely. One person they interviewed stated that freeze drying could be used on people as well, and compared the process to cooking pizzas in an oven. He sounded so bizarre and unconcerned about it. In my research, I actually found an article in a mortuary magazine about a firm that did preserve a man in this manner.

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