How Do You Define Heaven?

Everybody has their own idea of what they want heaven to look like.

One thing I used to think was that I’d like there to be a huge information database that can answer any question I ever wondered about. Except, when I pulled my smart phone out of my pocket the other day to answer a question someone asked me, it occurred to me the database already exists here on earth–sort of anyway–in the form of the world wide web.  (Does anyone still call it that or am I showing my age and lack of 21st century tech talk?)

cellphonesI seem to be addicted to reading or texting or surfing with my phone any time a thought or question pops into my brain. Like any addiction, it has its upsides: immediate gratification, connectivity to friends and family, and increasing my knowledge (though sometimes with false information).  However, the dark side of this addiction has started to rear its ugly head more and more often: my brain is bombarded with data and rarely gets a chance to just be still and “breathe.”

I miss sitting on the back porch on a cool summer evening and just soaking it all in.  Not thinking, not stressing, just watching the fireflies, listening to kids play tag in the yard next door, and letting myself simply be present in the moment.

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At the rare moments I get to do this, I think maybe this is what I really want heaven to be like.  A place where I don’t have any questions and don’t care what the answers are. Where all around me is peace, contentment, joy and awe . To be still and know the presence of  God.

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