“Well presented and completely engaging”

I love strong characters and am so glad Jo and Snow show such signs of strength.

Bend Me, Shape Me


I am, Indeed gave Bend Me, Shape Mea 4-star review and had some great things to say, particularly about Snow and Jo as characters.

Snow’s “determination to protect her brother and survive against horrific odds is a testament to her strength.”

“Jo is pretty amazing and the careful nurturing of the budding relationship that she is building with Snow is well-defined and presented with a solidity that feels both possible and realistic.

I hope you will click through to read the whole review, but here is another little taste of the a 4-starry goodness:

There must be something in the air or some odd convergence of planets: I’ve had a group of books that I have read lately that, at least tangentially, deal with characters that are “less than” in society’s eyes. Bend Me, Shape Me is no different. Debra Borys deals with the issue of underground teenaged runaways…

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