“An important testimony”

Not as glowing as the previous reviews, but enough goodness to keep me happy.

Bend Me, Shape Me

MJM.J. Joachim did a thoughtful review of Bend Me, Shape Me last week that I almost missed.  While she did not add the book to her Recommended Reading list, she had many good things to say, including the excerpt below.  Click through to read the entire commentary.

Let me know if you agree with some of her conclusions.  I love learning if there is something I can do better for next time.

This is a story that begins with an intensely strong opening chapter, one that startles readers, awakens their senses and captures their attention. Happy endings, albeit nice, seem to soften the blow and dismiss the horror of what life must be like for homeless teenagers on our streets, especially in rough cities like Chicago.

Bend Me, Shape Me is an important testimony for the plight of homeless people, prostitutes, addicts etc. My heart opened wide as I…

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