Through the Dark

ThroughthedarkWhoever thought I would be published by a company in Germany?  But I am, although in English and published under my maiden name of Deb Donahue.  PersonalNOVEL recently put a link up on their UK site to a novel I wrote for them earlier this year.  It is a personalizable novel–meaning there are up to six characters (two of these are actually dogs) which the purchaser can change to match whomever he/she wants.

A young woman inherits her grandmother’s farm and, in need of a change, quits her high-powered job as a weather anchor to move out to the country. She gets more than she bargained for when her neighbor, Harlan Hunter, tries to persuade her to sell the farm. As if the pressure from Harlan weren’t enough, she is also battling nyctophobia — fear of darkness — and keeps seeing a mysterious stranger walking in the woods behind her house. With her faithful dog at her side, she decides to solve the mystery of why Hunter is so interested in the property, triumph over her fears, and discover who the mysterious man is.

Author: Deb Donahue Illustration: Sutyagin ca. 212 Pages


3 female and 3 male roles

Miranda Preston, former weather anchor; moved from Chicago to live on the farm she inherited from her grandmother; trained in martial arts; carries a handgun; drives a rusted Chevy; not much of a cook; only child; loving memory of her late grandmother and father; implied to be romantically interested in Luke; suffers from paralyzing fear of the dark, aggravated when she is poisoned; eventually overcomes her nyctophobia.

Rufus, Miranda’s small, yappy dog; loyal; inquisitive

Sissy Morris, Harlan’s housekeeper; elderly woman; excellent cook; cheerful, goodhearted; asthmatic; visits her sister every Sunday; animal lover, keeps cats and dogs.

Luke Gregorio, good-looking young man; hiding in Miranda’s barn whilst trying to find out what happened to his identical twin brother, who worked for Harlan before disappearing; lies constantly to maintain his cover; shot twice but survives; admires Miranda’s strength; rescues her from Harlan and his cronies.

Butch, Luke’s large dog; protective; good-natured

Patty Carmichael; works at the post office; extremely friendly and chatty; difficult to refuse; married; husband is considerably older than her and very quiet; husband appears but is referred to only as Mr. Carmichael.

The following characters are not personalised:

Harlan Hunter, Miranda’s neighbour and former caretaker of the farm; tries to pressure Miranda into selling the farm; engaged in illegal trading.
Bob Meeks, Harlan’s hired hand and partner in crime.

via Through the Dark by Deb Donahue, PersonalNOVEL UK.

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