Free E-Short Stories

Starting tomorrow, my short stories, Red Light, Green Light, Peeling the Onionand Weeping Widows are available to download FOR FREE on Kindle for five days, Monday Dec. 3 – Friday Dec. 7.

Most of the stories in these e-books were previously published in print magazines.  In fact, I received real CASHY MONEY for them even. So you know they must be worth something. Yet Monday through Friday you can read them for FREE if you have a Kindle or use the free Kindle app, found here: CLICK ME

Kindle Select only lets me offer these for free every 90 days or so and I usually forget how much time has passed, so better take advantage of this offer now.  Heck, if you like what you read, you may even decide to buy and read my Street Stories suspense novel Painted Black, which is available as an e-book or paperback.

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