Save A Moment

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote a post on this site.  I knew I hadn’t done anything this week, but somehow last week and this one have blended together and seemed like the same week.  I worked at my hourly job last week and have been editing a novel for a client this week, so my head has been down and blogging slipped off my radar.

I’ve thought about writing several times.  I even have an Outlook reminder that pops up every Wednesday telling me to look for blog ideas.  Every time I thought about it, however, my mind went completely blank.  I want to have something to say when I post a note here, not just mindlessly ramble like I am at the moment.  Why on earth would you want to take the time to listen to BS that does not benefit, entertain, or educate?

Life is too short, right?

But maybe there is a lesson to learn from my silence as well as my rambling.  What is it that makes writers think they have something important to say?  Who am I to think that anyone out there really cares about these little blog posts of mine?  When I look at events happening around the world like the shooting at the Dark Knight Rises premiere, it makes me feel like a small, puny, unimportant speck in the universe.

So if I am small and unimportant, does that mean I have to be impotent as well?.  No, it only means I can’t wave a magic wand, or write an awesome blog post, or author a best selling book that will suddenly make all the bad things in the world go away.  I can, however, smile and say hi to a stranger who looks down on their luck.  I can experience and appreciate the beauty and awesome power of a summer storm.  I can focus on one tiny speck of the universe at a time.

When you can’t directly affect the big picture of life, it is more important than ever to continue to chip away at the small little niches that you can reach.  If I can’t save the world, let me at least do my best to save a moment.

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