140 Shades of Twilight

I just found a new person to follow on Twitter.  Andrew Shaffer (@evilwylie) has a sense of humor I can appreciate.  He’s written a parody of the wildfire best seller 50 Shades of Grey which is an adult, erotica fan fiction spin off of the wildfire YA best selling Twilight Series.  Shaffer’s book started as a satirical selection of tweets mocking 50 Shades of Grey and progressed to tweeting the first chapter of his parody 140 characters at a time.  The tweets earned him 2000 readers and an offer via twitter from a small press.

His agent is currently shopping the complete manuscript around now.  I hope it finds a home, because I can tell you that while I have no intention of reading any books in the Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey series, I would buy Shaffer’s book just to give him a buyer’s version of a high five.

Shaffer plans on publishing the book, if it’s acquired, under a pseudonym. He’s also acutely aware of the meta nature of what he’s doing—writing a parody of a novel which, itself, is a variation on another novel—and he’s celebrating that fact. “I was upfront about my intentions to ‘sell out’—I posted that once I sold the book to a publisher I would change the characters’ names to Edward and Bella and hide out from my fans in a McMansion in Beverly Hills. Of course, this all just parodies EL James’ path to success, so maybe what I’m really doing is an extended piece of performance art?”

via ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Parody Makes the Rounds.

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