It Takes A Team

I’m not into sports.  But I’m a big fan of teams.  Teams work together and depend on each member.  You don’t pick just anyone to be on your team.  You pick dependable, hard working people who will push toward success.

You pick homeless people.  Yes, that’s right, homeless people.  That’s what Urban Ministries did in Charlotte, and look what they accomplished.

How do you give the homeless new goals and dreams? Urban Ministries in Charlotte did just that by creating a street soccer team with homeless men playing men of all backgrounds, both racial and financial, all around the county.

“Because they look and act just like everyone else on that field they’re treated like everyone else,” said Fink.

The team went on to win a USA street soccer championship, which made the newspaper and caught the attention of Bert Hesse, Executive Director of Central Avenue Pictures.

via Homeless soccer team inspires movie filmed in Charlotte | Charlotte.

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