I’ve discovered and have been enjoying posting some old essays and articles on the site.  It’s true that some of the pieces are things I probably should be submitting to magazines or websites to generate income.  The problem is it takes a lot of work to research which publications would suit a particular piece, and the truth is that so many of them pay little or nothing, it hardly makes it worth my time.

A more economical way for a freelance writer to spend her time is first finding websites or companies who are looking for writers.  I’ve found a number of Twitter feeds like @FreelanceWJ that compiles lists of open jobs, and web pages like where you can search projects posted by potential employers.  Using these tools, I can pick only venues on topics I can relate to and either have samples that apply to what they need, or can create samples to send them with my resume.  It’s how I started writing for and also got a job editing a business ebook for an inspirational speaker from Boston.

So that means I’ve got all these potentially great articles I didn’t know what to do with till I discovered HubPages.  A link and passage from my latest post there is below.  If you visit, check out the other things I’ve written. also.  I’ve got a wide variety there so far:  how to articles to mini-memoirs and essays to humor.  I hope you enjoy.

“Though the following events actually occurred, the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. In some cases composite characters have been created. As you read further, you will understand why. Poetic license has been exercised throughout and an occasional white lie was tossed in for good measure.”

Diary of a Canoe Trip via

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