One Shoe at a Time

Just yesterday in a post on my Self Publishing blog, I posted about putting one foot in front of the other and just keep on going. Then today I found something that I think echoes that sentiment.

The Night Ministry posted a link on Facebook to an article which I then quoted on my novel website which I am now mentioning here. Those are the most recent steps that show one “flutter of a butterfly” can affect the universe.

The butterfly started with Chicago Tribune reporter

On Monday, part of the article was reposted by the Trib’s website Redeye Chicago and was seen through their Twitter posting by a woman who then asked them how she could give that homeless young man a pair of shoes.

I know exactly where she’s coming from. When I was volunteering in Chicago, one of the youth I was tutoring in essay writing for his GED had a pair of shoes that

The woman in the article was pointed in the direction of The Night Ministry so they could help her do the same thing. In addition, a short article about the woman was posted at Trib Nation which included information about how to contact the Night Ministry and led to the Night Ministry posting about it all on Facebook, which led to me posting on my novel site, which led to…. Well, I think you get the picture, right?

One sentence in one article. One person wanting to buy another person a pair of shoes. One blog post after another and another. And I know there are others out there who are going to see, comment on, pass on, act on and move this shoe/foot/butterfly forward.

ONE thing CAN make a difference–you just have to do it.

As Simple as Shoes « Painted Black.

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